The brow lifting (or brow lamination) is the newest trend when it comes to your brows. You are wondering what this is all about? The brow lift works like a permanent wave for the hair or our lash lift for the eyelashes. It's kind of the same just for the eyebrows. The hairs are brushed in the desired direction and fixed. Say hello to perfectly styled eyebrows right after getting up. You can do without eyebrow gel and colour completely for the time being. The brow lifting can even conceal small gaps and make the eyebrows look fuller.

pluck & FORM

Before we start with the actual lifting of your eyebrows, you will first receive our WOW Brow treatment. Together we will define the desired shape of your eyebrows. Then we will pluck and trim the eyebrows.


Now a special brow glue is applied to the eyebrow and the hairs are brushed into the right position. If the hairs lie as they should, the first brow lift lotion is applied completely to your eyebrow, covered with cling film and then left to work for a few minutes. The lotion is then carefully removed and the whole process is repeated with a second lotion. 

brow tint

The brow lift is almost done. Now all that's missing is the tint. After removing the second lotion and the adhesive, we apply brow tint to your eyebrows and leave it on for about 2 minutes before thoroughly cleaning the eyebrows. Last but not least we coat the eyebrows with a serum which has a strengthening and caring effect!

brow lifting


incl. brow cleaning with tweezer, tint, Form definition, lifting & aftercare

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