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Do you want a great lip color without wearing lipstick or lip gloss? Your lips have unclear contours or could be a little fuller? In this case lip pigmentation may be just right for you. As with the Powderbrows, it is a semi-permanent make-up. With lip pigmentation, the shape, fullness and color of your lips can be changed and corrected. The result lasts up to 2 years and can then be refreshed again.

Semi Permanent Make Up Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Lip pigmentation steps


Before starting with the treatment, there is a detailed consultation. Should the color look natural or should it be stronger? Do you want a shade that is more pink, red, or orange? Would you like to have a nicer heart shape for your upper lip or fuller lips in general? We'll discuss all of this together before moving on to the next step.


The new contour of your lips is painted with a special lip liner. If you don't like it yet, we will adjust it together until you are completely satisfied with it.

Lippenpigmentierung Permanent Make Up


Before starting the pigmentation, your lips will be numbed. An anesthetic cream is applied generously and covered with cling film. This significantly minimizes the pain during the treatment.


In the last step, the lips are pigmented with the help of a machine. This can lead to swelling of your lip, which should go back after a day at the latest. The color of the lips is also significantly more intense immediately after the treatment.

Semi Permanent Make Up Lippen

Lip pigmentation aftercare

After the lip pigmentation, a crust will form on the lips, which will peel off within 3-4 days. This crust must not be peeled off, it must come off naturally. Make sure that your lips do not come into contact with water or other liquids for 3 days after the treatment. It is therefore best to only drink with the help of a straw and do not use toothpaste when brushing your teeth. After the second day, gently apply a care cream to your lips several times a day (for about 10 days) and leave the care cream on the lips as a mask for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. If the crust has loosened from your lips, your lips will get darker after about 1-2 weeks. The color should be clearly visible 2 months after the treatment. Follow-up treatment takes place after 2 months at the earliest, as the lips must have healed for this. Lipstick, lip gloss or other make-up products for the lips should be avoided until the lips have healed completely. The follow-up treatment can take place around 4 weeks after the lips have completely healed.



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