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H&M und Nägel von der Glowy Bauty Bar Mobile

Would you rather pluck your eyebrows or dye them? Countless H&M members were able to make this decision...

Glowy Beaut Bar in der Süddeutschen Zeitung

The 27-year-old has been visiting a nail salon every three weeks for three years. The “Glowy Beauty Bar” studio in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin has been her choice for about a year now...

Vistaprint Presse GLOWY BEAUTY BAR

Ready, set, glow: How this woman-owned business continues to grow. Glowy, a beauty barin Berlin, is a prime example of a small business that prioritizes reaching new clients and appealing to a variety of demographics ...

Glowy Beauty Suite ZOO HOTEL Charlottenburg

At the start of the 2022 spring season, the Glowy Beauty Suite opened on the first floor of the HOTEL ZOO BERLIN (room 123)...


Presse Journelle Glowy Beauty Bar

Have you ever had an eyelash lift? No? Then you should definitely try it out! The treatment is a real eye opener...

Beauty2Go Lounge Berlin GLOWY BEAUTY BAR

When the Beauty2Go Lounge by Jurvéderm invited people to an exclusive beauty treatment like every year, there was a huge rush...

Sistermag Glowy Beauty Bar

We got to the bottom of the question of how hairdressers and beauty experts design their salons and institutes and introduce you to three very different places in Berlin and their founders!

Jolie Presse Glowy Beauty Bar

On your nails, set, go: You shouldn't miss these nail polish trends this summer.

Presse Pro7 Sat.1 Glowy Beauty Bar

Press event for THINK BIG ​


Sat.1 invited people to the GLOWY BEAUTY BAR in Prenzlauer Berg to present the first episodes.

Wimpernlifting im Test

I tried it: eyelash lift. ​ Since my vacation is coming up and I plan on not wearing much makeup, I've been looking for treatments that will maintain my daily, natural beauty look. Where did it take me? To the Glowy Beauty Bar for my first ever lash lift.

Presse Laura Glowy Beauty Bar

Review: Eyelash lift ​


After ages, a few weeks ago I treated myself to a beauty treatment that I had been wanting to try for a while...

Presse Stylebook Glowy Beauty Bar

Does the nail polish on hands and feet have to match?

Nagellack Maniküre

We asked nail expert and salon owner Amelie Hoang from Glowy Beauty Bar to explain the ins and outs.


Beauty Artist in Behandlung

Our second event with the Berlin Blogger Bash Team: a Pretty Party in the newly opened Glowy Beauty Bar. Including drinks, snacks and of course beauty treatments! The Berlin Blogger Bash Family met on a Wednesday evening - including a few new faces...

Presse Extra Schön Glowy Beauty Bar

March started with a small event by the Berlin Blogger Bash Crew. At the Glowy Beauty Bar in Mitte (Rochstraße 17, 10178 Berlin) we were able to enjoy a so-called “Pretty Party” – beautiful nails, delicious drinks and snacks included. Sounds good?

Italian Vogue Glowy Beauty Bar

Berlino, top indirizzi beauty

Beauty Salons in Berlin

Morgen wird gestern Presse Glowy Beauty Bar

I recently had a manicure for the first time. For some women it's almost unbelievable that I lasted so long without it, but somehow it was never worth the money to me. Until one of my colleagues arrived at the Christmas party with really beautifully painted Shellac nails (without modeling) and her color looked perfect even after the holiday...

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