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Post-Manicure Aftercare

We all know the good feeling after a manicure. It helps us to feel put together and fresh. Manicures can’t last forever, however if you look after your nails and keep them in top condition, they can last a bit longer.



  • Avoid intense hydration after leaving the salon (e.g. long baths and saunas, for at least 24 hours).

  • Apply nail oil to your nails and cuticles daily (e.g. CDN Solar Oil).

  • When cleaning dishes always wear gloves for protection against the chemicals.

  • Remove nail polish or shellac properly. If it is removed improperly, you can damage your nails. Don’t peel or rip, shorten and file your nail off because you can accidentally rip off part of your actual nail.

  • Nutrients like protein, calcium, zinc and vitamin B12 can help to keep your nails strong.

Take breaks in between shellac and gel manicures. Nail enhancements weaken nail beds, so taking breaks gives them time to heal. Ask our nail artist for a professional treatment to allow time for regrowth during the break.


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