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Professional Lash lift or DIY?

Even though there are many lash lifting home kits available, we believe that a lash lift should always be done by a professional. In the following, we explain why this is the case and what is important for a good lash lift:

  • Hygienic working and the right room conditions such as temperature and humidity

  • The right choice of the silicone pad: tailored to your length and the desired strength of the effect

  • Perfect and precise eyelash separation to visually open your eyes for the perfect lash lift

  • Careful application of the lotions for a gentle treatment

  • The individual analysis of the hair and the resulting application time of the lotions. Because the perfect time for some lashes may be too short or too long for others.

  • The benefits of Color Boost

  • After care with keratin care

A Lash Lifting at Glowy Beauty Bar

Depending on the length of your natural eyelashes, we choose the right size for the silicone pad, which is glued to your upper eyelid. We will, of course, take into account how strong you want the curl of the eyelash lift to be. Before the lotions are applied, the lashes are separated. Our lash artists carefully separate each lash to achieve the best result.

How can an eyelash lift be reversed? What to do if eyelash lifting is too strong?

If the lash lift was not done professionally, the eyelashes can be chemically "burnt" or lifted too steeply upwards, which looks unattractive or can even lead to the eyelashes breaking off. Unfortunately, this process cannot be reversed. The eyelashes must now be provided with a daily care routine and plenty of moisture. Using an eyelash serum can also support the regeneration of the eyelashes.



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